Progressing and taking on challenges as we go

I know, it’s been a minute since I have come through and I apologize profusely for the neglect. As we all know, there is merely an excuse for missing out on my monthly chat with you all.  However, I am going to fully explain my legit excuse and hope it strikes a nerve of forgiveness inContinue reading “Progressing and taking on challenges as we go”

Stressed? Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  You know that feeling?  When  your brain is on overload and your never-ending task list seems to grow bigger as days pass, and nothing you do even seems to scratch the surface off of the exasperating  mountain climb you have ahead of you?  Yes, yes you do. Well, believe it or not, it’s normal. WhatContinue reading “Stressed? Don’t be afraid to ask for help!”

We’re Moving and A New Segment is on the Way!

I know, it’s been awhile. Where I try my best to blog at least once a month to connect with everyone, I believe that I haven’t been around since my vacation. Talk about absentee! Let’s get this sorted out right now. Let me tell you what I have in store for the blog and TwitterContinue reading “We’re Moving and A New Segment is on the Way!”