Progressing and taking on challenges as we go

I know, it’s been a minute since I have come through and I apologize profusely for the neglect. As we all know, there is merely an excuse for missing out on my monthly chat with you all.  However, I am going to fully explain my legit excuse and hope it strikes a nerve of forgiveness in you.

The joys of being an entrepreneur allow for you to initially focus on your baby that you’ve birthed to share with the world, but to also try other avenues that may become available to you as you progress on your entrepreneurial journey. Now, when I say other avenues, I do mean those that are aligned with what you would like to pursue and that are true to what your brand is about. There are endless opportunities available to you once you hone in on what it is that lights your soul on fire and how to successfully monetize it. If you feel that you already have your path in line (and may I add, nothing is ever that easy, but you will get there if you haven’t already!) and would like to add additional projects to your branding stream, I say go for it!


That’s where I’ve been. Gearing up for 2017 and the many projects that I have in store for you that have nothing to do with Soulafrodisiac Online Consulting per say, but everything to do with my branding of Soulafrodisiac. This company falls under my Soulafrodisiac umbrella, and it also allows me to partake in my love of writing on a different level. However, the opportunity to bring other projects to you that I know you will enjoy is exciting and will definitely be rewarding come next year. If by any chance you feel that there are projects you feel the need to accomplish, sit down with a good friend or trusted advisor, receive feedback regarding how to go about implementing said project and if it is the right fit for you. Need help? Reach out to those who you trust and know can assist in executing your plan and vision. Use your network wisely, you never know what can come to fruition.

Progression is essential as an entrepreneur and as a person. Period. Take on those challenges head on, show them who is boss and continue to grow your empire exponentially as you see fit.




Stressed? Don’t be afraid to ask for help!



You know that feeling?  When  your brain is on overload and your never-ending task list seems to grow bigger as days pass, and nothing you do even seems to scratch the surface off of the exasperating  mountain climb you have ahead of you?  Yes, yes you do.

Well, believe it or not, it’s normal. What a lot of us tend to forget is that we are human. There are plenty of super powers bestowed upon us as entrepreneurs. You sometimes tend to uncover a few that you had no idea were hidden in the depths of your soul. However, you will have occasional moments where you may feel overwhelmed. Drained. Overworked. Simply burnt out.

Yes, there’s always the prospect of taking a vacation (self-care is essential!). But if it’s one thing that some of us have to learn, it’s the mere exercise of bending at will. In that, I mean—not being afraid to ask for help. Now, I know that Mom and Dad always told us, “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself…”, but asking for assistance should never be taken as a sign of weakness. You honestly cannot do everything by yourself. It takes a village. Even a one-man company can grow leaps and bounds after some time and extra hands equals extra help.

There are many options available that can allow you a little bit of flexibility and support along the way. Ever thought of hiring an intern? Or perhaps even getting someone you trust to assist with admin for a few hours? You would be surprised how much this could help in the long run. Asking for help will enable you to close a few of those pesky tabs that remain open and untouched on the regular. And oh, what a relief it will be.

Work-Life Balance – How Do You Tip The Scale?


“There are never enough hours in a day!”

How many times have you heard that statement from an entrepreneur (or anyone for that matter)? Mind you, there are times where it feels like you’re constantly on the go 24/7. And then there are times where there’s a lull in your workflow, yet you still use the extra time to get ahead on other projects instead of taking time for yourself. It is an ongoing and demanding challenge to maintain a sense of balance. I know, sometimes it’s easier said than done. However, what do you do once you reach a crisis point? How do you bounce back to an even keel?

Work Life
Unlike your typical nine to five, entrepreneurial life can draw you into a 24 hour cycle, if you you’re not completely on guard. I know of business owners  who allow themselves to be on call at all hours of the day, but get more than they bargained for when their client decides to call after hours. Or what about those who feel that they have to work every minute of the day in order to succeed? These situations can have you skidding down a slippery slope at a rapid pace.

Personal Life
Are you diligent about setting aside personal time for yourself? If not, this could lead to quick burnout and can put your health at risk. Many can attest that it’s not worth the stress and turmoil. Do you make a conscious effort to take vacation or hire assistance when needed? Even though the old adage is “if you want something done right, it’s best to do it yourself,” asking for help can go a long way personally, and business-wise. 

Mental recharge: As stated above, taking time off is essential for self-care and recharging. Do you exercise or meditate? When was the last time you blocked off an afternoon or took a day off? Maybe it’s time.

Time for yourself: That island with orange-hued sunsets and jet black sand that you’ve been eyeing? It’s ready for you! Maybe it’s time to schedule that elusive vacation you’ve been meaning to take. Don’t ever feel guilty about doing what’s best for you – you should always come first. Reward yourself! It will all reflect beneficially upon your business as you progress.

Scheduling and Time Management: I previously shared a few tidbits about Time Management on these pages. While time and tide waits for no man, we can do our due diligence to try and plan our time accordingly. If you don’t have to work the entire day, don’t do so. There is no one written rule that states how your hours are set. On the contrary, flexibility is one of the advantages of entrepreneurship. Use it wisely!

All of the above recommendations are just that – recommendations. Where some ideas and adjustments may work for some, they may not work for others. Do remember that our individual needs differ. It is most important to seek out what works for you and your business in the here and now, as well as in the long run. But do make sure to take the necessary steps in the right direction to keep the scale balanced.

Good luck! 

We’re Moving and A New Segment is on the Way!

moving to Soulafrodisiac

I know, it’s been awhile. Where I try my best to blog at least once a month to connect with everyone, I believe that I haven’t been around since my vacation. Talk about absentee!

Let’s get this sorted out right now. Let me tell you what I have in store for the blog and Twitter account in the near future..

First of all, we’re moving! Twitter is a place where I like to share links and foster conversations about entrepreneurship, music, my blog and projects. alongside notable community projects and events. I am always on my @soulafrodisiac page, but never seemed to connect or hit the ground running with my business page @saoconsulting. I am all about branding, and everyone knows me as Soulafrodisiac. In this case, moving and merging my accounts will be the best thing to do. So after some feedback, I will be shutting down the @saoconsulting Twitter account, and merging it with my @soulafrodisiac account. It only makes sense, so I hope to see you there!

Again, as of Friday June 24th, you can find me on Twitter under the handle @soulafrodisiac.

Lastly, I have decided to take on a new feature on this blog and I’m very excited! In-between my personal posts, I will be interviewing some of the amazing entrepreneurs that I know and posting our video interviews for your viewing pleasure! We will be discussing entrepreneurship life, what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, approval and dislikes etc., and  I am in the midst of working on the inaugural post that will make its way to you very soon, so please stay tuned!

Don’t forget! Join me on Twitter on @soulafrodisiac and be on the lookout for a new video series coming your way via my blog!

I do hope all is going well in business for you. See you soon!